Spike Jonze Directs Greta Gerwig In An Amazing Live Arcade Fire Music Video

Spike Jonze has an actual movie coming out this fall, called Her, that's pretty great. But if you can't wait until Her's December 18 release date, and want to combine Jonze's talent with the energy of this summer's Frances Ha, do we ever have you covered! Jonze directed this "live music video" for the Arcade Fire's new single "Afterlife," which aired during last night's YouTube Music Awards, and while it's bizarre that something this wonderful comes part of something as goofy as an online awards show, we're not going to question it.

The Arcade Fire's new album Reflektor has come along with the requisite insane hype, and there are about a hundred hipster cliches in just a minute of this video, starting with indie darlings Jonze and Gerwig and going right down to that oversized, David Byrne-echoing blazer. But you know what? Hip things can be wonderful things-- Frances Ha is a prime example, being that summer indie that not nearly enough people saw and can therefore remain cool forever. Jonze has proven, though his association with Jackass if nothing else, that he has a refreshing lack of pretension, and Gerwig's energy combined with those adorable little girls brings out the enthusiastic rhythm of "Afterlife" in a very specific, totally accessible way.

This isn't Jonze's first collaboration with Arcade Fire. He used their song "Wake Up" in the completely unforgettable trailer for Where The Wild Things Are, and directed the short film "Scenes From the Suburbs" that accompanied their previous album release with the same title. The full 30-minute film is no longer online, but you can watch part of it here.

And if you can't get enough of Greta Gerwig dancing, seriously, see Frances Ha-- you can purhcase it now on iTunes or wait for it to arrive on Blu-ray, as part of the Criterion Collection, in just a few short days. Here's the trailer below:

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend