Bones! There he is! We had been wondering when we would finally get a poster with an up-close look at everyone's favorite on-board doctor, looking-- as ever-- totally skeptical that whatever he's gotten himself into is a good idea. The character posters that have emerged for the rest of the Enterprise crew so far, from a gun-wielding Uhura to a running Scotty, have all found the crew ready for action. But Bones, who's a doctor and not a superhero, looks like he just wants to go home.

His eternal skepticism is one of the many things we're looking forward to seeing again when Star Trek Into Darkness finally opens in the United States on May 17, a full four years after J.J. Abrams breathed new life into the galaxy with Star Trek (4 years is like 2 lifetimes in usual Hollywood franchise logic). The film has started opening overseas and there are even some reviews out there, but so far it's not hard to shield yourself form the many secrets about the story that J.J. Abrams has carefully guarded all these years. Is Benedict Cumberbatch Khan? Is a member of the Enterprise crew going to die? We don't know yet-- and we're damn well not going to let some yahoo on the Internet tell us before we see the movie for ourselves.

Will you be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness opening weekend? Vote in the poll below and let us know.

Will you see Star Trek Into Darkness opening weekend?

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