New Star Trek Into Darkness Images: Chekov In A Red Shirt, Spock And Uhura Get Close, And More

In the months I've spent writing about Star Trek Into Darkness, I've usually gone on at length about how we barely know anything about it, how J.J. Abrams keeps everything close to the vest and how we're going to have to get much closer to the May 17 release date before we really know anything for sure. But now that date is barely a month away, and what do we know about Star Trek Into Darkness? Everything we've known for months now. And that includes this batch of new images from the film, which were released by Paramount today.

Though they give us a chance to see many of the characters up close and in action-- Uhura and Spock sharing what's probably an awkward moment on the bridge, Chekov wearing an engineering uniform, Bones outfitting Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison with what looks like futuristic handcuffs-- they all fall into the very rough parameters of what we know about the film, and have for a while now. Everyone is back on the Enterprise. John Harrison blows up London and eventually gets captured by the Enterprise crew. He and Kirk have some kind of personal beef. He may or may not be Khan (he probably is). Mayhem ensues from there, like what you see happening to Kirk in this behind-the-scenes shot.

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Scotty preps a torpedo

Spock defends his captain

Uhura with a phaser

JJ Abrams on the bridge of the ship that isn't Enterprise

USS Enterprise

Captain Kirk and Pike

Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek into Darkness

Sulu on the Enterprise Bridge

Spock in Star Trek into Darkness

Star Trek into Darkness international poster

Is it frustrating to have to continue writing about the movie even with that tiny amount of information to go on? Absolutely. But as a fan of the original Star Trek and of Abrams's passion for leaving room for a lot of surprises, I'm looking forward to the film immensely despite months and months of writing about it (and that's no mean feat-- just ask Iron Man 3). Star Trek Into Darkness will reveal its secrets soon enough. In the meantime, check out the full gallery of new images and everything else we know about the film here.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend