Now this is how you make a teaser trailer.

We had resigned ourselves for several more months of absolute secrecy on Star Trek Into Darkness, with J.J. Abrams and his cast refusing to reveal any more details and probably not even showing us any more scenes from the hugely anticipated sequel. But now, seemingly out of nowhere, a new teaser trailer has dropped online, and it consists almost entirely of footage we haven't seen before… while also revealing almost nothing about the plot. It gets us wildly excited without giving anything away, and we couldn't be happier to be in the dark. Take a look below:

They key to this whole thing is including lines of dialogue, and not just the portentous "You think you're safe" ones from Benedict Cumberbatch's villains, but the chatter between Kirk and Bones, Kirk and Spock and Scotty's one-liners that make the franchise so beloved. It's not just seeing the Starship Enterprise going underwater that's going to make that scene great; it's also seeing Scotty react to the sight of a giant fish swimming outside the window.

There's nothing about this teaser I don't like, but given how excited I've been about Star Trek Into Darkness this whole time-- I even like that crazy title!-- I guess that's not a surprise. Let us know what you think for yourself in the comments, and click here for everything else we know about it-- though, seriously, nothing yet has been as great as this brief tease.

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