New Star Wars Theory Makes A Strong Case For Snoke's True Identity

Star Wars: The Force Awakens left us with many questions and not many answers. Since the film’s release, the internet has been working double time to try and come up with solutions. Since it’s going to be a year and a half before we get any confirmation, we expect the internet will have exhausted every possible solution to every possible question by Easter. Until then, however, there are still crazy theories that have yet to be discussed, so let’s try another one. Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? A new, new theory (as opposed to the old, new theory) pegs him as somebody we’ve met before, but probably not anybody you’ve thought of.

The theory is that Supreme Leader Snoke is Grand Moff Tarkin. Ok, he’s probably not, but it’s an interesting theory. The theory, presented by ScreenRant, puts forth the idea that if Tarkin was able to survive the destruction of the first Death Star, and we don’t know he died there, that he has all the skills and knowledge that Supreme Leader Snoke apparently has. He was the military leader of the Empire, even giving Darth Vader orders in the first film. He also worked very closely with Vader, potentially giving him unique insight to use against Kylo Ren. The theory is a bit out of left field, but then those are our favorites.

The theory goes like this. Supreme Leader Snoke is an old man, who has obviously been seriously injured by some previous event. He’s got serious scars, as well as potentially burns that have healed as well as could be expected. The kind he would have received while escaping the destruction of the Death Star. Next, the man obviously has military experience as well, which is connected to the old Empire. The First Order may have Kylo Ren as their secret weapon but it is first and foremost a military organization. General Hux looks to Snoke for direction as well, so clearly he is the one ultimately responsible for the Stormtrooper army that the First Order has bred.

The next point is an interesting one, as it may have a major impact on any future Snoke theories. There’s no actual evidence that Snoke is a Force user. He is named as the man who tempted Kylo Ren to the Dark Side, so he obviously has knowledge about the Force, and more importantly of Darth Vader, but at no point in the film, or even any of the companion novels, does Snoke actually show any predilection toward the ancient religion.

So, where in the Star Wars universe do we find somebody who has extensive knowledge about Darth Vader, as well as top-notch military experience who, if he were alive, would certainly be scarred, and burned, as well as be quite old, and to top it off, would have an awesome British accent? Grand Moff Tarkin.

The one major problem with this theory is that Andy Serkis, the man behind the hologram, has already stated that Snoke is an original character, making pretty much all theories useless. We don’t mind however, as we’ll take any excuse to bring Peter Cushing back, even if it’s only as a Serkis-voiced hologram.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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