Is Snoke Darth Vader? This Star Wars Picture Will Make You Do A Double Take

One of the many questions that we were left with at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that has become the most interesting for fans is, "Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?" From the little time we spend with him we know he has plans for Kylo Ren, and we know he wants to take down Luke Skywalker, but beyond that his vision is unclear. Who exactly is he and how did he come to be leading The First Order? A number of theories have been put forward, but this is one we did not see coming. Is Snoke Anakin Skywalker?

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We’d be lying if we didn’t at least admit the resemblance. The picture makes it clear. Add 30 years of age to Darth Vader on the left and maybe he could transform into Snoke on the right.

As much fun as it is to play with the idea for a minute, that’s about as long as the idea would last before you start realizing that it doesn’t work in about a dozen different ways. Darth Vader is on death’s door the last time we see him at the end of Return of the Jedi, Luke removes his father’s helmet, knowing that without it he’ll die anyway. Even if he didn’t necessarily need the helmet, he needed the rest of the suit as he was missing most of his limbs following his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke would have to be knowingly burning an empty suit at the end of Jedi. Even if you try to invent a reason why all of the above could be possible, we see Anakin as a force ghost alongside Obi-Wan and Yoda, so we know he died. Also, Darth Vader had renounced the Dark Side, so even if he was somehow still alive, he wouldn’t be evil.

But look at the placement of those scars...

Fans seem intent on trying to connect Supreme Leader Snoke to previous villains in the series. Previous theories have included the idea that Snoke is The Emperor, or possibly Darth Plagueis, the legendary Sith Lord that Palpatine speaks about in Revenge of the Sith. We might as well give up on all of the theories, as the man who brings Snoke to life, Andy Serkis, has specifically stated that not only is Snoke not Darth Plagueis, but he is an original character, so he’s also not Darth Vader, or anybody else we’ve met before.


We don’t expect the statement to end the theories, because nothing will do that, but it really can’t be more unequivocal than that. What do you guys think? Is there possibly any connection between Supreme Leader Snoke and Darth Vader or is this just a case of "bad guys are covered in scars?"

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