Star Wars Trailer: Why Is The First Order Attacking Rey's Planet?

The Asian market received a new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens today and with it came a Star Destroyer full of new footage. Some of it looks like it may tell a bit more of a coherent story than we’ve been able to piece together thus far. If everything is as it appears in the opening minute of the trailer, it looks like The First Order makes an attack on Rey’s planet of Jakku. But why?

An early sequence in the trailer has our characters of Finn and Rey, John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, running to take a look at something on the horizon. The next shot is of tie fighters flying above what looks to be the same planet. The heavy orange screams desert.

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This is likely the same squadron of The First Order that Finn was previously a part of. We know he has a change of heart early and decides the Stormtrooper life is not for him. Is this the attack he was supposed to be a part of, or is the attack happening because of him? The next scene shows Stormtroopers laying waste to the planet’s surface. Again, they appear to be walking on a desert planet, so although this scene takes place at night it appears to be part of the same attack.

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If The First Order is actually after Finn, why? Chasing after a single Stormtrooper seems to be a bit of overkill for The First Order. They don’t have nearly the strength of the Galactic Empire and likely don’t have the resources to waste on simple desertion. If they are after him it’s because he’s important, or because he has something important. We doubt he ran off with the Starkiller plans or anything. We’ve seen that movie already. We know Finn will have major importance to the films overall. Does The First Order know something about this otherwise interchangeable Stormtrooper that they don’t want anybody else finding out?

Alternatively, this attack could be the reason that Finn leaves the Order. Maybe the orders don’t sit right with him. If that’s the case, what is The Order looking for? The shots we’ve seen of the Millennium Falcon also appear to be part of this same battle. Is Han Solo the one that they’re chasing? He’s likely an important person within the Republic, so taking him out is probably a priority for the Order. Is there somebody even more important somewhere on the planet that they’re looking for? Perhaps the last living Jedi?

This is all speculation of course, and if you put the scenes from the trailer in a different order, another interpretation can easily come out. Let us know below how you’re putting the pieces together.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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