Stargate SG-1 Movies Coming?

Not long ago Dean Devlin started floating the idea that he might make another Stargate movie, one that ignored the sort of popular television series. Unfortunately, that rumor has fallen by the wayside to be replaced by one which has Hollywood cashing in on the inferior series and taking it to the big screen.

Coming Soon caught up with ‘Stargate SG-1’ star Beau Bridges at a recent junketn for The Good German. There Beau told them, "They're talking about doing a couple of movies. I haven't actually signed on the dotted line, but there is talk about it."

Apparently this is more than just idle chatter, since Bridges says that even though he hasn’t seen it, he thinks they have the scripts finished. When or how this will happen is unknown. Bridges had no further insight except to say that he doesn’t think they’ll finish their final season and go straight into making movies.

I’m sure you ‘Stargate SG-1’ fans are geeking out right now. But as a fan of the movie I’m a little bummed. The series is very, very mediocre and the movie is a great piece of work that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. If they make a movie out of the series, that essentially nixes any and all possibility of any sequel to the feature film ever happening, no matter what Devlin has been saying.

If they do make a film, I wonder which characters they’ll use? Will they get Richard Dean Anderson back, or roll with Ben Browder? Can we bring back Claudia Black? If this gets Browder and Black in a movie together, I don’t care what kind of a piece of crap it is, I’m interested.