The Stars My Destination May Be Getting A Movie Deal

In the world of science fiction authors both past and present, Alfred Bester is a name that stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, and Robert Heinlein. Much like those beloved authors, we are ever now and then reminded of their brilliance through a Hollywood adaptation of one of their iconic works of literature – though it's not very often, and in Bester's case, not at all. It's not for lack of trying though, and it looks like Paramount Pictures is attempting to succeed where others have failed by adapting one of Bester's most seminal works: The Stars My Destination.

Deadline has the scoop that the long planned adaptation of Bester's novel is now in the hands of producer Mary Parent, who's most recent effort with the studio, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water, has definitely put her in a position of great faith with Paramount execs. Though don't be fooled, as Parent has some well regarded genre experience as well, as she served as a producer on Godzilla and Pacific Rim. Looking into the story of The Stars My Destination, it's no surprise why Parent would be the producer to be developing this project.

The Stars My Destination tells the story of Gulliver "Gully" Foyle, a man who finds himself stranded in space after an attack on his ship leaves him marooned for years before he's eventually found. Once recovered, Gully sets himself off on a path of revenge towards those that have done him wrong, which has lead many to label this story as a science fiction retelling of The Count Of Monte Cristo, so it's almost like you're getting a two for one adaptation with this project, should it move forward.

Deadline also mentions the fact that The Stars My Destination has been in development for over twenty years, with Richard Gere and Paul W.S. Anderson being the only names that have been lucky enough to be linked to the project during this lengthy tenure. Despite Anderson's horrid track record with classic literature, the twenty year time span this film has engaged in so far, as well as the possibility of Richard Gere playing the lead, would plot Anderson as possibly making this film instead of something like Event Horizon or even Soldier. Considering the iteration of Anderson's career that made Event Horizon as being the one that could have brought The Stars My Destination to the screen, this could stand as one of the best "what if" scenarios in recent genre history.

Talks for The Stars My Destination are in extremely early phases, so no creative talent is attached to write or star just yet. Should Paramount seal the deal on these talks and acquire the rights to Bester's masterpiece, here's hoping Parent's past relationships with directors like Gareth Edwards, or – dare we say – Guillermo Del Toro, can be used to find the right director for the task of adapting a science fiction landmark.

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