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Anything inspired by the two recent Alvin and the Chipmunks movies really needs to be dismissed out of hand, since the longer we reference those movies, the longer we have to admit they ever existed. So, sorry Paramount, but I already have to call foul on your idea to reboot Mighty Mouse-- the Los Angeles Times says it's an idea inspired by the Chipmunks success, and that I cannot abide.

To be fair, Mighty Mouse has been floating around the studio for years now, with script by the guys behind Journey to the Center of the Earth in a vault somewhere on the lot. There's no actual news developments on the project-- no new writers or directors have been hired-- but as the Times puts it, it's notable even that they're looking for new people to take it on. Though Paramount distributes all the DreamWorks Animation films, Mighty Mouse would be coming from their Nickelodeon Films, which means you should probably abandon hope now that the movie might somehow equal the quality of How to Train Your Dragon.

As far as old-school characters go, Mighty Mouse isn't such a bad one to reboot-- he's not fundamentally irritating like the Chipmunks, and he's got a killer theme song (check it out below if you've somehow forgotten). But with all this talk of Alvin and company, I can only imagine horrifying CGI-animated rodents singing "Single Ladies" and making yet another ham-fisted attempt at updating a classic character for modern audiences. Please, Paramount, prove me wrong.

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