After years of development, and a decent period of excitement after the project had landed True Detective director Cary Fukunaga, the big screen adaptation of It lost its helmer this week. Creative differences were the cause of the split, and considering that New Line was bristling at the multi-film approach, as well as Will Poulter being cast as Pennywise, we can’t blame the man for walking. Unfortunately, that leaves us without a new, legitimately creepy clown movie to replenish our nightmares, and we’re not ok with that at all.

While the project is shelved indefinitely, that’s probably studio talk for, "Quick! Run through your contact list and see who we can bring in on short notice!" Which means it’s time to select either a fresh talent, or a seasoned hand, from the ranks of the Horror genre who would be up for the challenge. As luck would have it, we have five names that popped into view faster than a surprise bouquet of balloons jumping out of a mailbox. So come flip through the photo album with us, and see the directors that stared directly into our souls as the next visionary to bring It to the silver screen.

It Follows
David Robert Mitchell
Coincidentally, David Robert Mitchell's last film -- It Follows -- has a title that screams that he's ready for King's novel. But superficial reasons aside, Mitchell’s work on this year’s break-out indie hit has all the makings of a frontrunner candidate for bringing the world of Derry, Maine to life. With his handling of the retro aesthetic, as well as the general moodiness of It Follows’ sleepy suburban community, David Robert Mitchell is a prime candidate to tell the story of childhood friends coming home to the terror that has plagued them throughout their lives.

Considering David Robert Mitchell also helped make an overnight sensation of Maika Monroe in It Follows, he could use his connections to potentially cast her as Beverly in the core group of leads (unless she's too young...). He could also give Will Poulter the catapult he needs into becoming a lead to be reckoned with as his Pennywise.

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