No Strings Attached Clips Let You Pretend Natalie Portman Is Your Girlfriend

Here’s a question no man will ever answer no to, particularly if it's asked by Natalie Portman: Do you want to use each other for sex, at all hours of the day and night, nothing else? Yes.

You’ll get to watch Natalie ask just that question in the following two clips from No Strings Attached. Close your eyes whenever the camera pans to Ashton Kutcher and you’ll be able to pretend she’s talking to you. Pathetic? Sure, but I won’t tell on you.

Watch two No Strings Attached clips embedded below. See you afterward for a little more on what to expect from the film.

Women like the one Natalie Portman plays in this movie only exist in movies. If a woman ever attempts to convince you that she’s this kind of girl, don’t believe her. Not even if she’s a porn star.

But Hollywood is in the business of delivering fantasy and this is one we can all get behind. It’s worth nothing that No Strings Attached is a rated-R movie and to promote the film they’ve been forced to use PG-13 clips, because that’s just how the MPAA rolls. So what you just saw above may not be entirely representative of the film. At least that’s how it played out with the movie’s trailers. The MPAA approved green band trailer originally released to promote it wasn’t nearly as good as the R-rated red band trailer released later. The more nudity and swearing No Strings Attached works in the better it seems to get.

Josh Tyler