Suicide Squad's Villain Are Going To Have These Badass Weapons

David Ayer, who will helm DC Comics’ upcoming surreal supervillain superteam cinematic extravaganza, Suicide Squad has been using social media to dangle proverbial carrots in front of the heads of the horses that are us fans. In the latest move, the director posted a picture of some of the tools that will be utilized by the team of troublemakers, which seemingly speaks for itself. What does it feature? Well, guns! Fancy-schmancy firepower!

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With his latest Suicide Squad teaser, Ayer would tweet this image, coupled with the word, "Tools," showing what would appear, even to someone unfamiliar with the world of guns, as heavy-ass hardware! We see an extremely menacing looking rifle sitting in what appears to be a case, coupled with scopes, ammo, all possibly equipped with a whole bunch of high tech stuff of which we’re not fully aware. The message, however, is clear: This team of subservient supervillains will redefine the term "Black Ops" when they prepare to go out there and take their pent-up, innate frustrations out on a world possibly even more corrupt than they are. This, right here, is a promise of pure and absolute carnage. Sound good to you? I know I’m liking it.

So, exactly WHO will utilize this brand of elegantly destructive dispatching utensils? Initial thoughts would evoke the name of team member and marksman extraordinaire, Floyd Lawton, aka, Deadshot, who will get his highest profile live-action turn being played by Will Smith. However, while Deadshot is one of DC Comics’ most deadly efficient assassins, apparently, this extravagant ensemble is not for him. According to a follow-up tweet by Ayer in response to a user’s question:

No sir. Deadshot gets the really good stuff.

"The really good stuff?!" So was all of this actually just the standard issue fare that this nefarious collective will get along with the official Suicide Squad T-shirt and tote bag? Hopefully, the "good stuff" won’t end up being like Mom’s fine china.

With a confirmed cast currently consisting of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Carla Delevigne, Viola Davis and Jared Leto’s (likely pencil-less) stab as The Joker, we’re clearly looking at something looking to break all the conventions of the "super team" film genre. The film will showcase a modern iteration of the classic DC Comics title in which various supervillains have been caught, corralled and placed into a sort of indentured servitude, carrying out secret missions for a secret U.S. Government program with ruthless overseers known as Task Force X. Dangling the promise of amnesty over this collection of menacing sociopathic miscreants, the gang carry through some unpleasant wet work that would clearly break the moral compasses of their superhero counterparts. Amoral and motivated only by self-preservation and other deep, unexplainable psychoses, the gang are also implanted with bombs, should they attempt to betray the program, escape or even go back to the streets.

Suicide Squad gets ready to bring some evil-on-evil violence when it hits theaters on August 5, 2016.