Suicide Squad Will Pull From This Specific Issue

Suicide Squad is fast becoming one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2016, but thus far, with only tidbits of information released at a time (mostly only rumors or cast-related), Warner Bros. has yet to reveal much in terms of plot. But things are starting to become a bit clearer now with David Ayer's revelation that his upcoming Supervillain flick will specifically pull from The New 52 Suicide Squad Vol. 4, #1 "Kicked in the Teeth."

The director recently tweeted a photo including some Warn Bros./Bravo 14 pre-production documents and a copy of Suicide Squad's New 52 comic. No need to sugarcoat things or beat around the bush, he accompanied the photograph with a single word, "paperwork." That being said, fans can start getting excited about the prospect of seeing one of the greatest gatherings of onscreen villains to date, coming to life through the brilliant source material of Adam Glass' 2011 DC Relaunch of Suicide Squad Vol. 4, #1.

What follows may contain spoiler information for David Ayer's Suicide Squad. If you do not wish to know any big details about the film prior to its release, we would recommend heading to another one of our articles.

In the comic, the Task Force X supervillains, better known as the Suicide Squad, find themselves locked within the walls of the well-known max security Belle Reve prison, run by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Deadshot (Will Smith) wakes up realizing he's been tied down by an unidentifiable assailant who's attempting to prod information from him through the likes of rats gnawing on his chest. El Diablo (who's inclusion/casting has not yet been announced), is receiving different, yet equally viscous torture in a nearby cell, having salt poured into open flesh wounds. Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) is being hit with volts of electricity through the likes of car battery alligator clips.

The remainder of the crew, King Shark, Black Spider and Voltaic, like the three aforementioned, all keep tightlipped about their mission and their employer and their criminal agenda under the most extreme torture. The same can't be said for Savant, who spills the beans on himself and his cohorts, prompting his swift execution. Upon being the only six of thirty-odd prisoners who didn't break under pressure, we now have our official agents of Task Force X, the team of baddies taken out of prison to work for the government in exchange for lighter individual sentences.

If the movie is to follow the comic, we will likely see the villains inhabiting their Belle Reve cells for a good bit of screen-time with backstory as to how they ended up there being shown through flashback. Upon their becoming official agents for the government, organized by Waller, they will be given their first mission; to destroy the Mississippi Megadome and its 60,000 inhabitants within a six hour window.

Earlier information suggested that Smith's Deadshot, Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's Joker will be the central focus of the film. Two of the three are somewhat self-explanatory with the above plot. The third, Joker, is said to act as a "Hannibal Lecter-type," remaining in a cell at Belle Reve for the bulk of the film, used to keep Harley Quinn in line. Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg, rumored) is also being reported as playing a central role in the DC film, teaming with Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) as a superhuman trafficker. Jai Courtney is also attached to play Boomerang, but not much has been said on what his role will be in the film. Batman is also rumored to play a role in the story.

Of course, a lot of this is still in the speculation stages but with all the open possibilities, fans will surely keep at the guesswork until more details are set in stone. With Tom Hardy and Jake Gyllenhaal most recently turning down the role of Rick Flag, there's certainly more information to come in the near future as to who will fill those shoes. Suicide Squad is slated for release August 5, 2016.