Sundance Review: Spring Breakdown

After sitting through movies about suicidal cops and dead soldiers, a comedy, any comedy, is a relief. Even better if it’s a comedy like Spring Breakdown; you know, actually funny.

It fits into the standard the standard geeky kids want to be cool comedy mold, except it’s not kids it’s Amy Poehler, Parker Posey, and Rachel Dratch. They’ve been friends and nerds since college. Now they’re in their thirties, still friends, still nerds, and living happy lives in houses full of pets. Posey works as a lowly office manager for a high-powered US Senator, but she gets a big break when she’s sent to watch over her politician bosses daughter at spring break in South Padre. Amy and Rachel tag along and soon they’re lost in a drunken haze living out their cool kid fantasies while Parker tries to keep the boss’s geeky daughter away from wet t-shirt contests.

The real revelation here is Rachel Dratch who, aside from her bizarre appearance, never really seemed to stand out during her time on SNL. She’s fully unleashed on the bikini-littered Texas beach, stealing scenes and making out with twenty-something frat boys. Poehler delivers what you’d expect and Posey is somewhat underutilized as the group’s obligatory stick in the mud.

Spring Breakdown has no particular agenda other than to be flat out funny. Poehler wanders around with hot bikini girls and Rachel Dratch spends a lot of time drinking shots upside down. It’s entertaining and creative. They’re not reinventing anything here, but it’s a better than sitting through The House Bunny if you’re out there looking for a healthy dose of comedy girl-power. Some chicks really are funny. Hey here’s three of them.

Josh Tyler