When you're faced with a schedule as massive as varied as Sundance's, sometimes you have to pick which film to see based simply on the name. Whether that's the return of a director you admire or simply a movie star you hope to see in person at the premiere-- hey, that's your call. But the last 24 hours of the festival have brought highly anticipated directorial efforts from a handful of big names, from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's first turn behind the camera to the return of David Gordon Green, a former indie darling who seemed to have lost his way with dumb comedies like The Sitter and Your Highness in recent years.

My intrepid colleague Matt Patches and I caught both of these movies, along with a few others that we share some details about in the video blog below. We're recording this as we head off to two more highly anticipated directorial efforts-- Park Chan-Wook's Stoker and Richard Linklater's Before Midnight. For more in-depth thoughts about Don Jon's Addiction, click here. To read Patches' thoughtful response to Blue Caprice, click here. And for all of our ongoing Sundance coverage, including our three previous video blogs go here! We love your feedback, so keep it coming-- there's still a whole week of festival left to go.

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