It took a little while, but's Matt Patches and I finally got together again yesterday record a new video blog, going over the separate movies we'd seen on Sunday and the one we managed together. I had spent Sunday afternoon holed up in the giant Eccles theater for three separate premieres: Josh Radnor's campus comedy Liberal Arts, Spike Lee's Red Hook Summer and then the Ari Graynor-Lauren Anne Miller comedy For A Good Time Call, which Patches also joined me for.

I've written about Red Hook Summer already here, but for our thoughts on the rest of those films, check out the video below. Patches also talks about the drama The Surrogate, which was acquired today by Fox Searchlight and is already looking like a real awards contender for later this year thanks to great performances from John Hawkes and Helen Hunt. I hadn't yet seen it when we recorded this video, but I'll be writing about it-- and all the other movies I've seen and not yet mentioned yet-- later today.

Meanwhile, check out the video below, which if I do say so myself is probably the most scenic we've done yet-- we stepped out onto a balcony on the second floor of the Marriott, which serves as headquarters for the festival and houses the most easily accessible Starbucks in town, which automatically makes it the most important place in Park City. As you can tell, it also is surrounded by some lovely trees, and the light snowfall yesterday made it look like the ideal Sundance day. It's far more scenic than the dim movie theaters where we spend most of our time, at least.

Keep checking back to this page for all of my ongoing Sundance coverage, and for more from Matt Patches, you can check out his coverage at The festival is still going strong and we're keeping busy, so there will be much more to share soon!

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