Superman Can't Stop Killing People In Funny Or Die's Hilarious Batman V Superman Spoof

One of the major criticisms of Man of Steel was the idea that Superman must have inadvertently killed thousands of people during his battle with Zod. It was such a major issue that the screenwriters of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ended up incorporating the problem into the plot of the follow-up and making it a major motivation for Batman’s character. A new comedy clip is surmising that Superman just can’t help himself. He’s just so strong that he can’t help but murder people... even those closest to Batman. Check it out.

Why Superman Is The Most Dangerous Superhero (Superman V Batman: The Unauthorized Adventures) from Dan Abramson

The video comes courtesy of Funny or Die and seems to be supposing that it wasn’t actually the Joker who killed Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Instead, it was actually Superman, because Superman just doesn’t know his own strength, and, as a rule, apparently doesn’t bother to look where he’s going. Actually, Superman’s body must be incredibly dense if it’s capable of actually crushing people simply by landing on top of them. Superman doesn’t land with any particular degree of speed. The man is just a walking (or in this case, flying) murder machine. Although, we like the fact that Superman tries to blame either the Joker or Lex Luthor for it all, even after he’s crushed the kid right in front of Batman. We were half expecting Superman to run off, get some spray paint, and add the taunts that we saw in Dawn of Justice.

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At this point, we fully expect the "Superman kills people joke" to survive for the foreseeable future in one form or another. If anything, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice only re-enforced the thing when the film made absolutely sure to stop and tell the audience multiple times that civilians were not being hurt in the film’s final battle. Whether you find this video particularly funny probably depends a great deal on your opinion of Dawn of Justice. It’s certainly poking fun at what is still a hot-button topic. Still, it does so in such an over-the-top manner that those who are bothered by the argument can probably still find something to laugh at.

What do you think of this alternate version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? The movie was certainly better than this premise, right?

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