Superman Gets His Own LEGO Movie Character Poster

Superman LEGO Poster

Who wants to wait until 2015 to have to see Superman back on the big screen? Not us. And luckily, the Man of Steel and the bulk of the DC superheroes will be part of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The LEGO Movie, coming to theaters on February 7. You know we’re looking forward to it. The film made our list of Most Anticipated for 2014. Supes is getting his own super-up-close character poster this morning, and if we had to guess, this will be the first of many. There are HUNDREDS of heroes in LEGO, and if they all get a one-sheet, you’ll be able to wallpaper virtually every room in your house… or your children’s bedrooms, at the very least.

Warner Bros. dropped the image, shared via ComingSoon. Boasting the tagline "Superness," the poster tries to get a little social media magic happening with a hash tag before the movie’s title. And of course we know that this is Clark Kent’s super-powered alter ego because he has the trademark hair curl on his forehead, even if it happens to be made out of plastic.

Superman, in the LEGO Movie, will be voiced by Channing Tatum, who also has the raucous comedy 22 Jump Street coming to theaters in June. And if you’ve spent any time online, you already know that DC fans love making their own LEGO creations with Superman, Batman and the rest of the comic universe. These are fantastic.

Batman will appear in Lord and Miller’s feature, as well, with Will Arnett lending his voice to the Dark Knight in this animated effort. The Bat was a major presence in the official trailer, which arrived several weeks ago.

And in addition to the Dark Knight, our LEGO hero (voiced by Chris Pratt) will interact with Green Lantern (Jonah Hill), Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders) and a slew of pop-culture icons. Look for a parade of additional character posters as we get closer to the release of the LEGO Movie next month.

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