It just wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie without a whole slew of awesome antagonists, and though we don’t a ton about them, Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks to have a substantial stable of baddies for our heroes to tangle with. At the head of this villainous cabal is Andy Serkis’ motion captured character, Supreme Leader Snoke. Though he’s been kept in the shadows, even from Serkis himself, bits of information are starting to come out.

We heard Snoke’s sinister voice in the very first The Force Awakens trailer, and while it’s chilling that’s all we have. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly provides a slew of fresh information about Star Wars 7, including the new baddie. Serkis chatted with them about his newest role. He’s a man with a long-range plan, and not prone to heated outbursts, making him methodical in his villainy, and that much more terrifying. Here are some of the other pertinent new facts we’ve learned about Supreme Leader Snoke.

Even Andy Serkis Had No Idea What Snoke Looked Like
Though we’ve heard him, and his voice made our blood run cold, we haven’t laid eyes on the new villain just yet. Even Andy Serkis himself had never seen the character before he started working on The Force Awakens, something of a rarity. He said:
It’s the first time I’ve been on set not yet knowing what the character’s gonna look like. I mean, talk about secrecy!

Though the film has been shrouded in secrecy and security since day one, there’s more to it than that. While each of these CGI characters is a collaboration between concept artists and digital effects people, Serkis was able to contribute to the process as well. His voice, mannerisms, and movements all played into the final design, and as the performance evolved, they kept going back and tinkering with the look.

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