Tarantino Promises Kill Bill Vol. 3

Now that Inglourious Basterds is out of the way and headed for almost inevitable Oscar nominations, Quentin Tarantino is planning his next move. What is it? Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Bad Taste caught Tarantino on Italian television where he went out of his way to lure the interviewer into asking him about the possibility of a third Kill Bill and then announced that yes, it’s happening and “The Bride will fight again.”

Of course Tarantino projects never happen quickly and sometimes the stuff he talks about never happens at all. But he seems fairly adamant about getting Kill Bill Vol. 3 done, even if it takes time. He says, “Kill Bill 3 will probably come out, I gotta wait a couple of years, but I want ten years to pass from the second one to the third one.”

So why ten years? Tarantino explains, “Two reasons. One, I think me and Uma needed a ten year break…. And the second one, I loved the character a lot. I think she deserved ten years to relax. She deserved ten years of no fighting, she deserved ten years with her child Bebe, just of peace. I put her through a lot those first two movies, I want her to have a nice, peaceful life for ten years. I want her to set up her store, and have some peace. But after ten years we’ll make her fight again.”

The original Kill Bill Vol. 1 was released in 2003. That could mean Kill Bill Vol. 3 in 2013 except, even though he mentions needing a break from Uma, QT says he only has to wait a couple of years and the ten years he discussed seemed to be related more to the timeline taking place inside the film than the one taking place out here. Kill Bill Vol. 3 could show up at any time.

Watch the full interview on Italian television via the embed below. It’s long, in Italian, and for most of the interview Tarantino seems utterly confused by what’s going around him until, that is, he starts pimping the Bride’s next film.

Josh Tyler