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Jurassic World has been released so now it’s time to build the hype for the next big action blockbuster of the summer. A series of 30 second spots have hit the internet to begin the hype train for the newest entry in the Terminator franchise and they successfully remind us that this movie is going to be a spectacle. They also remind us of things we wish they hadn’t told us in the first place.
The first one, simply titled "Forget" (as in "forget everything you know about these films") reminds us of why we were excited for Terminator:Genisys to begin with. It’s got all the classic beats: liquid metal, young Arnold, old Arnold, and "come with me if you want to live" coming from an unexpected place. It made the franchise feel familiar and new at the same time. Khaleesi and The Terminator vs. the World. Where do we sign up? We went from curious to hopeful when we saw those ideas.

Another of the spots, titled "One of Them" is much more reminiscent of the second major trailer. You know the one we mean. The one with the serious spoiler. That one. We’re still not sure how that big reveal was just released like that. Was this really something they wanted us to know going in? It seems to be since, if this spot is going to hit TV as you’d expect, it’s going to make anybody who missed the trailer aware of the plot development. If by chance you’re one of the lucky folks that missed that major information, you may not want to click here. You’ve been warned.

Finally you have "Non-Stop." It’s got everything you could ever ask for in an ad for a summer blockbuster. Fire, exploding bridges, guns, exploding helicopters, you know the drill. It’s a summer movie alright. While we’re glad that all of that is in there, we just hope that isn’t all that’s there. Check out the final spot below:
We’re still not sure whether this is going to be the return of the once great Terminator franchise or if we’re setting ourselves up for more disappointment. We want to be hopeful but we’ve had our hopes dashed on more than one occasion. One way or another questions will be answered on July 1.

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