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It was just two months ago that photos of the new suit from Tim Burton's failed Superman Lives came online. Abandoning the classic red and blue costume, the director - possibly influenced by insane producer John Peters - had his effects team come up with a suit that not only was a strange, transparent purple, but had embedded lights. The whole thing was monumentally stupid looking and would have been horrible to look at on the big screen. Now, however, we do get the chance to see the suit in motion.

Steven Johnson, the special effects creator who also released the first round of photos, has posted test footage of the suit to his YouTube account and I'll say this: the costume doesn't look any less dumb when the lights flash. I can't even begin to imagine how much of a disaster this movie would have been had it ever made it all the way through production and hit theaters. Say what you will about bat nipples, but this would have been a whole lot worse. Check out the video below.

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