You go into every Thanksgiving holiday with the best of intentions, imagining a delicious meal, a family happy to be reunited, an afternoon of touch football in the yard, and then day after day of leftover turkey sandwiches (the best part of Thanksgiving, if you ask us). But then the weekend after the holiday rolls around and you're stuck: you're surrounded by family, everyone is bored and getting on each others' nerves, and the idea of doing some Black Friday shopping to get away from each other fills you with some serious dread.

Luckily there's one solution out there for all of us, every year: the movies! Hollywood, a place that understands better than anyone how your family can make you nuts, obliges us every year by releasing a whole ton of movies around the holiday, at least one of which is bound to appeal to everybody. And while there are a few films you can take almost anyone to and guarantee a success-- to keep the sky from falling on your holiday, if you know what we mean-- there are a lot of others you have to choose carefully. And that's where we come in.

While we normally let you peruse our site and make your own choices about moviegoing, we know that Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday, so we're here to help. Below is our guide to all the new movies coming to theaters this week, plus a few holdovers, and how to tailor them to the family members and friends you're entertaining. If we stick together we can get through this-- and then repeat the whole process when Christmas comes around in a few weeks.

When you're not traveling by boat any time soon and you're not completely sick of 3D: Life of Pi.
It's got some of the best reviews of the holiday season, which can also help sway some family members who aren't sure they want to spend two hours trapped in a lifeboat with a menacing tiger. And the 3D visuals that are being compared to Avatar really are worth the price of admission, and ought to give you plenty to discuss in the parking lot: "Can you believe what that whale looked like?"
Best for: Anyone old enough not to be completely traumatized by the sight of the tiger, and landlocked enough not to spend the rest of the holiday afraid of the ocean.
Kind of like that time you all saw… Hugo in 2011, because of the impressive 3D and its power to whisk you away to a new world.

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