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We’ve heard a number of key Marvel stories come to fruition over the past few days. Many were rumored, and believed to be true. But now we’re getting confirmation on such notices as James Gunn taking over the writing and directing duties on Guardians of the Galaxy. And now we’re getting some information on both Galaxy and The Avengers 2, which you might have already assumed.

Remember the end credit sequence of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, which featured a very brief cameo by Thanos? Well, is reporting that the mighty cosmic warrior will be the chief adversary in both Gunn’s Galaxy movie and Whedon’s Avengers follow up, which hits theaters in 2015. We speculated on this possibility back in August, mentioning that Galaxy could be following the “Thanos Imperative” storyline from the comics. Now a site reader over at Cosmic Book News claims to have met with Thanos creator Jim Starlin at the Montreal Comic-Con, and was told that a deal “is already in place” to have the character appear in both movies.

Again, this much could have been figured out. Whedon wasn’t going to roll out Thanos in an Avengers stinger if Marvel Studios didn’t have massive plans for the villain. And after decimating New York City in the first Avengers film, many believed that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes would have to take the next battle into outer space, as the group often did in the comics series.

I’ll feel better when we hear some confirmation from Kevin Feige or someone at Marvel directly (even Whedon or Gunn could give put our minds at ease with a word of confirmation). Until then, brace for Thanos, but take this news with a grain of salt.

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