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These Thor: The Dark World Posters Are Pretty Impressive, So Why Can't You Own Them?

Thor Olly Moss

Well-known Mondo artist Olly Moss has blogged on his own site about a pretty special Marvel gig that came with a unique reward. The artist was commissioned by Marvel President Kevin Feige and producer Craig Kyle to create exclusive one-sheet posters as parting gifts for the cast of the upcoming Thor: The Dark World. In return, they paid Moss with his own movie-used Mjolnir. How cool is that? ScreenCrush got wind of the posters, which you can see both above and below.

Thor Olly Moss 2

The bittersweetness of this all is that no matter how much you might love these prints, you’ll never be able to own them, despite Mondo’s frequent efforts to sell their exclusive works to die-hard movie fans. These pieces were created solely for the Thor cast, so unless you are Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Christopher Eccleston or Anthony Hopkins, this won’t be hanging in your den.

Still, Thor fans have had plenty to celebrate this week, starting with the release of the fantastic first trailer for Thor: The Dark World, which gave us great insight to the threat posed by Malekith to Odin’s favorite son. The sequel looks like it’s ready to expand the scope of the Marvel Universe to its farthest bounds, and I believe it means that Marvel Phase Two is going to step up the game in ways even rabid fans can’t imagine.

Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters on November 8th.

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