Three-Boob Prostitute Confirmed For Total Recall Remake, Film Will Be Rated PG-13

Earlier this year when casting for Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake was coming together, I made a joke hoping that the production would find a way to squeeze in the infamous three-boob lady from the Paul Verhoeven original. I say it was a joke because the reimagining doesn't take place on Mars - where you can design characters to look like anything - but rather on a futuristic Earth where the world has been split into two warring nation states. I never expected that there would be a three-boob lady in the new film, but apparently I should have been dreaming bigger.

Speaking to Collider at San Diego Comic Con, Wiseman confirmed that there will indeed be a three-boobed woman in the new adaptation of Philip K. Dick's We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. In the Verhoeven movie, the three-breasted woman is a prostitute who propositions Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) while he is looking for Melina (Rachel Ticotin). The context of how the character will fit into the story (and why she has is three boobs) is unknown. For those that have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, check out the clip below:

Going further, Wiseman also confirmed the film's rating, which will be PG-13. This runs in sharp contrast to Verhoeven's film, which was actually given an X by the MPAA. According to the director, the way they've been shooting has been to let the action play out as it should, and then when it goes to the ratings board they will edit out what doesn't fly and put it back in for an unrated home release, or "other cut."

While I feel like some people are going to be up-in-arms about the rating, I'm not entirely sure how consequential it's going to be. If they were remaking Verhoeven's film beat-by-beat it would be one thing, but this is a movie that takes an original idea and radically changes it. If brutal fight sequences end without either player shedding a drop of blood I think it's okay to complain, but we're at a point where I don't think that judgement can be made.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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