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Justin Timberlake seems poised to become the next breakout movie star and, though he’s starring in Friends with Benefits this weekend, odds are that movie won’t be significant enough to do the trick. What he needs is a big, summer, sci-fi blockbuster… and here it is.

In Time is Timberlake’s next big picture, and the premise plays out a lot like a modernized riff on Logan’s Run. He stars opposite Amanda Seyfried as a man in a dystopian future where time has become the only currency. What does that mean? An extended trailer for the film debuted at Comic Con today, check out the footage below to find out.

Somewhere out there someone’s still trying to remake Logan’s Run, but if this is as good as the trailer suggests, then maybe they’ll have the sense to cancel their plans. This seems to cover the subject pretty well. I’d rather have something like this, a new riff on an old premise, over a remake anyway.

Part of the reason this In Time trailer looks so good is director Andrew Niccol, who you may know as the guy behind Gattaca. He knows his way around smart, though-provoking, sci-fi films. It’s somewhat worrisome though that In Time is slated for release on October 28 of this year, and this is the first we’re hearing of it. October isn’t normally prime time for big, sci-fi blockbusters. That could mean trouble.