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Tina Fey Teases A Possible Mean Girls Reunion For Movie's 10th Anniversary

"Fetch" never happened (sorry, Gretchen), but a Mean Girls reunion actually might.

For those who don’t feel old enough this morning, we’re happy to remind you that Mark Waters’ savagely funny Mean Girls came out 10 years ago, and chatter surrounding a possible reunion has been growing louder as fans and cast members discuss the possibility of celebrating the film’s success. There was that time Rachel McAdams revealed her fave Mean Girls quote while walking a Sundance red carpet:

And now we have Mean Girls screenwriter (and uber-celebrity) Tina Fey commenting on the possibility of an anniversary celebration. Fey was walking her own red carpet promoting Muppets Most Wanted when E! asked her if a reunion is possible. She explained:

"We're working on the musical, that's going to be in a couple years, I guess. So hopefully there will be like a screening or a party, but that's it. But that would be good, right? … I hope everyone can come. I hope we can organize something."

The "musical" line is a joke, right? You never can tell with Fey. Her sarcasm masks possible truths! But a reunion has been dangled for a while now, possibly getting Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert and the rest of the cast together. Even Lohan, while on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently, revealed that she’d been hearing plans for a gathering. She tells Fallon:

"I saw Tina [Fey] and she mentioned doing a reunion. She said she was talking to Lorne [Michaels] about it. She's talking to the big boss."

Of course, Lohan lies if you ask her what she ate for breakfast, so do with that information what you will.

The issue of a Mean Girls reunion is that everyone (or almost everyone) has moved on to much bigger things, so coordinating schedules would be a nightmare. McAdams is in pre-production on Passengers with Keanu Reeves. Seyfried is busy with He’s F**king Perfect and Fathers and Daughters with Russell Crowe. Even Lohan has her own television program on the OWN Network to worry about. We’re not asking for a sequel here. Maybe have the cast record a video commentary track that can be included on an anniversary DVD. That’d be so fetch. In the meantime, enjoy these fantastic Mean Girls quotes. And if you are a major fan of Fey and Waters’ film, pray that they can get the band back together for some type of celebration!

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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