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One of the key aspects of the fourth season of Arrested Development was that the original cast return in its entirety. All of the leads were able to come back for the follow-up, which allowed the series to revisit each of their stories. It's with that in mind that I breath a small sigh of relief with each piece of Veronica Mars movie casting news. Because - as great as it is that the movie is happening at all - it just wouldn't be the same if certain characters were missing from the reunion. And Mac is one of those characters. Rob Thomas has confirmed that Tina Majorino is officially on board for the Veronica Mars movie.

Majorino's character Mac was Veronica's closest female friend in the original series. She offered the perfect blend of dry wit and tech-savviness to be of service to Veronica on both a professional and personal level. As has been the case with pretty much all the casting news that's come down the pipeline for this film so far, there's no word on what Mac will be up to when the film picks up, but it's comforting to know she'll be making an appearance in the film.

With production starting on the Kickstarted movie soon, we're starting to hear a lot of casting updates for the film. Earlier today, we shared word that Sam Huntington (Luke) and Amanda Noret (Madison) were on board for the film, joining previously confirmed Percy Daggs III, Chris Lowell, Francis Capra, Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring and, of course, the star herself, Kristen Bell.

Majorino came into Veronica Mars with a number of notable credits under her belt, including When A Man Loves a Woman, Corrina, Corrina, Andre and Waterworld. And during her time on Mars, she also played a role on HBO's Big Love. Since then, she went on to reprise the role of Deb - well, her voice anyway - for the short-lived Fox animated Napoleon Dynamite series. More recently, she grew a set of fangs for True Blood last season and plays Dr. Heather Brooks on Grey's Anatomy. And coming next year, Mac is back for the Veronica Mars movie.

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