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The last couple of days have brought a flurry of news on the Veronica Mars movie-front, some random and some less random but no less fantastic. As the video above indicates, Percy Daggs III has signed on to reprise his role as Wallace Fennel, Veronica's best friend and occasional accomplice from Neptune High. Their friendship carried over into college in Season 3. If we were to make a list of character that really needed to return for the movie, Wallace would be on it, so Daggs' casting is great news.

Also set to reprise a role is Chris Lowell, who played Piz in Season 3. When the series left off, Veronica and Piz were kind of an item, though I doubt I'm alone in expecting that relationship to crumble under its own too-cute-to-last weight eventually. It could be argued that Veronica's a bit like Buffy in that she needs some 'monster' in her man and Piz just didn't have much of a dark side. Logan on the other hand… Let's not obsess over the past. Piz will be back! He joins Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs, Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring among the confirmed returners.

The next bit of casting is where things get a bit more random, and curious. THR reports that Christine Lakin has signed on to reprise her role as Susan Knight for the film. Even the most obsessed Marshmallows among the fandom might have to take a moment to try to remember who Susan Knight is. I'll give you a clue. Her initials also work for the words "Sweet Knees." Still guessing? She only appeared in one episode, and to explain how she fits into the story, I'll have to spoil that episode, so if you're planning on watching the show but haven't seen Season 1's "Mars. vs. Mars," skip the rest of this paragraph. The episode has Veronica investigating allegations that her favorite teacher (played by Adam Scott) was engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student. His accuser was Leighton Meester's character Carrie Bishop. But it's revealed later that Carrie was accusing the teacher on behalf of her friend Susan Knight, who was pregnant with Mr. Rooks' baby and no longer in school. Scandal! Not only was Susan Knight a one-episode character, but she was also barely in the episode, appearing in only two scenes, one of which was a flashback. So what's the deal here?

A part of me wants to obsess about this bit of casting news because it may be relevant to the overall plot of the film. Otherwise why bring this random character back? But we do know that part of the plot of the film involves Veronica attending her Neptune High 10-year reunion. And it's possible Rob Thomas is looking to fill the venue with as many familiar faces as he can possible rally. Or there's more to it than that. We may have to wait and see if Leighton Meester and/or Adam Scott are cast as well.

UPDATE: Rob Thomas has confirmed that Francis Capra has also been cast in the movie. Weevil returns!

Here's Chris Lowell's "I'm in the movie" video:

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