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Mention “Spy vs. Spy” to anyone my age and they’ll likely think of the classic Mad magazine cartoon with the pointy-faced antagonists planting bombs near each other with a gusto usually reserved for the cat and mouse in the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. But that could change next February, when bombastic filmmaker McG (Charlie’s Angels) unleashes his explosive love triangle comedy This Means War, which finds rival spies Tom Hardy and Chris Pine fighting over Reese Witherspoon’s affections. A poster and two still were posted online today (via ComingSoon). We have them below.

Simon Kinberg co-writes War, which explains why it has a whiff of Mr. and Mrs. Smith mixed with the sexually charged interplay of his Sherlock Holmes screenplay. Yet the stunt work in the film’s extended trailer was surprisingly effective. McG’s first Angels was giddy fun. It was the sequel that bloated like a piece of bread dropped into water. And of course, his Terminator attempt was a dour slog thorugh an unfortunate future. This could be the reboot the director has needed for some time now.

He certainly has the right cast. Hardy and Pine have the potential to be the next tier of major action stars. Witherspoon’s beautiful enough to convince me that spies would jump off of building to earn her heart. And when you’re supporting cast includes David Koechner, Chelsea Handler, Angela Bassett, and Abigail Spencer, that’s enough to win me over. This Means War opens in theaters on Feb. 17, 2012.