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This Friday the long-running television series Smallville will be coming to an end after 10 seasons on the air. The longest running comic book TV series in history, the end provides a bit of a problem for star Tom Welling. Having been seen as Clark Kent for the last ten years, his film career hasn't exactly taken off, the actor still with only three films on his filmography (and two of them are from the Cheaper by the Dozen franchise). So what's he going to do next? How about something with Marvel?

What's Playing has learned from an unnamed source that Marvel is currently looking at Welling as a potential star for one of their upcoming projects. Marvel, of course, is the stiffest competitor to DC Comics, which owns the rights to Superman. The article doesn't say which movie Marvel is looking at Welling for, but suggests that it could be Deathlok, Runaways or Doctor Strange. The article also says that Welling was one of the actors considered for Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, though Chris Hemsworth went into negotiations for that part just yesterday.

If he does end up making the move, it would be a shocking way to survive the Superman Curse. Either that or he'd be opening himself to a wrath greater than any seen before.