Aussie Actor Joel Edgerton first made waves Stateside in 2010 when the intense Australian crime drama Animal Kingdom won widespread critical acclaim that included an Oscar nod for co-star Jacki Weaver. For his part, Edgerton won acting honors from the Australia Film Institute, and soon returned to theaters in another hard-hitting Oscar-nominated drama Warrior, as well as lead in the supped up prequel/remake of John Carpenter's The Thing.

But despite the fame and acclaim Edgerton is steadily gaining as an actor worldwide, he's expanding his horizons by delving into writing and directing. Last month we detailed his plans to helm his first full-length feature, and now we've got word that things are rolling on Matthew Saville-directed Felony, a crime thriller that fronted by Edgerton and newly announced co-star two-time Oscar nominee Tom Wilkinson (In the Bedroom, Michael Clayton).

Penned by Edgerton, Felony centers on a celebrated police officer (Edgerton) who follows a drunken night of celebrating a big gang bust with an ill-advised drive home that will change his life forever. After accidentally running a boy on a bicycle off the road, he's caught administering CPR by fellow officers. Panicked, he lies about his involvement, putting in motion a slick slope of deceit and doubling down. Wilkinson has committed to play Detective Carl Summer, the lead investigator of this fateful accident.

Edgerton's already won a rousing reputation for his intense but engaging screen presence; his reputation as a screenwriter can only be bolstered by the powerful performances he and Wilkinson are sure to bring to this tale. So, keep an eye out for Felony, which is set to shoot this October, and should hit theaters in 2013.

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