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There have been a lot of rumors lately surrounding Warner Bros. and its movie-making plans going forward. After the record-breaking drop of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio is supposedly looking to focus more on its tentpole branded franchises like Harry Potter, Lego and the DC superheroes, in order to produce better quality films. One of these franchises has been rumored to be a new Tomb Raider franchise, with Daisy Ridley in talks to star. It seemed like that movie was a still a long way off, but new rumors suggest otherwise.
We’ve written about the potential of a new Tomb Raider film, but there wasn’t a script at the time. According to Heroic Hollywood, this is no longer the case. Screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet has supposedly completed a draft of the screenplay that the producers like, and the movie is ready to move into the next phase of production. This could potentially put The Tomb Raider into an October 6, 2017 release date, less than two years from now. Heroic Hollywood also points out Warner Bros registered the domain almost a month ago.
This new Tomb Raider would be based off the latest Tomb Raider video games, in which a young Lara Croft is just starting out on her adventures and discovering the secrets of the world. It's fitting material to start a new film series, so these rumors make a lot of sense. Warner Bros. has been shuffling its schedule around, pushing films like Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book: Origins and adding two untitled DC superhero films. This shifting could make it possible for a Tomb Raider film to happen sooner.
If any of this is true then I’m very happy to get a Tomb Raider film sooner rather than later. While I’m not much of a fan of the previous Angelina Jolie-helmed films, the new video games are pretty cool. They feature lots of cinematic action, so it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. would choose them as the template for a film. There’s also the potential casting of Daisy Ridley to be excited about. Even if these rumors aren’t true and she won’t play Lara Croft, they’re still believable because that casting decision is a no brainer. Aside from the fact that she’s British and looks like Lara Croft, the actress proved in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that she could handle the action while being insanely likable. However, her busy Stars Wars schedule could keep her from meeting the movies release date.
A new Tomb Raider movie is definitely happening at some point, but would do you all think? Is this movie going to happen? Are you happy that it could be coming as soon as next year?

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