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Tony Scott Says Top Gun 2 Won't Be A Remake Or A Reinvention

Ridley Scott is currently juggling no more than eight projects right now, but his brother Tony isn't far behind. Last we heard, Tony had signed on to the adaptation of the Mark Millar comic series Nemesis, but didn't know where the film would fit into his schedule as he also has Potsdamer Platz, Hell's Angels and The Associate in his backlog. But much like Ridley is doing with his Alien prequels, Tony is also now looking to return to the film that launched his career, in his case being a sequel Top Gun.

As announced a couple weeks ago, Top Gun 2 is now in the works and, as it turns out, Scott couldn't be more excited to return to the project. HitFix recently spoke with the director, who is currently promoting his newest film, Unstoppable, and he discussed what we might see from the new film.

While unwilling to discuss where Maverick will fit into the story, Scott revealed that the focus will largely be on unmanned fighters, or drones, that the Air Force is currently operating. He already plans on heading down to the base in Fallon, Nevada to do some research, observing "computer geeks" as they play war games during the day and "then party all night." He's also rejected the idea of reboot, saying, "I don't want to do a remake. I don't want to do a reinvention. I want to do a new movie."

Scott also said that the film won't be his next project, so it may be a few years before we actually see a Top Gun sequel. The only thing I'm upset about in this story is that Scott doesn't say whether or not there will be a beach volleyball scene in the new film - it's just not Top Gun without beach volleyball.

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