It's not easy to be an actress getting older in Hollywood-- one minute you're the new hot thing, the next you get stuck playing mothers in an endless series of thankless roles. But every now and then a mom role comes along that's juicy enough to make us pay attention to an actress we haven't seen in ages, and from the looks of the new trailer for Mother's Day, Rebecca de Mornay may have found just that kind of role. The Risky Business star doesn't show up in this trailer until about halfway through, but once she does, it's pretty tough to forget here. Check out this new horror trailer below.

Directed by Saw II's Darren Lynn Bousman, Mother's Day is a remake of an 80s horror film-- like so many horror films these days-- and has been finished for quite a while, to the point that we brought you a German sales promo trailer for the movie over a year ago. With this new trailer, the movie finally seems ready for release, with a May 4 release marked on the calendar. In addition to De Mornay in the titular role terrorizing everybody, Mother's Day also stars Jaime King, True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll, Briana Evigan and Patrick John Flueger.

Before you let yourself get too excited, the movie has already been released in the UK, where it received fairly mixed reviews-- though the best of them all singled out De Mornay's performance, which might bode well for her comeback. So even if Mother's Day is as generic a horror thriller as it seems, De Mornay may be bringing something special to the table. Hey, that's better than we usually get from these kinds of movies, right?

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