With films like Gremlins and The 'Burbs, Joe Dante was for many children of the '80s the first director who totally terrified them. Dante knew horror movies weren't just for adults, and so made PG and PG-13 fare that was spooky for kids but had a dark sense of humor their parents could enjoy. Sadly, in the '90s he moved into television and flat-out family comedies, leaving an abyss in cinema where his quirky take on horror once thrived.

But now, with the long-delayed The Hole it seems Dante is back in fighting form, unleashing a new tale of suburban terror that centers on two brothers who discover a mysterious hole in the basement of their new home. Here Dante unfolds another premise sure to terrorize the imaginations of young audiences, as the pit at its center makes real their darkest fears. Check out the trailer below courtesy of Yahoo and tell me it doesn't make you feel like a kid again!

There's something deeply nostalgic about the tone of this trailer harkening back to a time where kid movies where allowed to feel deranged and dangerous. And this promo from Bold Films seems to smartly be playing into this, featuring an appearance by The 'Burbs' Bruce Dern rocking a distinctly Christopher Lloyd circa Back to the Future vibe.

The Hole went into production back in 2008 in Vancouver, Canada, and went on to premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2009. Yet despite positive reviews, this freaky family-friendly flick didn't find domestic distribution until now. But let's not dwell on the delay and just rejoice that The Hole will finally hit theaters in 3D on September 28th.

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