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Ever since Paul Blart: Mall Cop became a surprisingly big success in January of 2009, Kevin James has been an unlikely movie star on the rise, whether joining his buddy Adam Sandler in a hit as big (and terrible) as Grown Ups or leading things for himself in Zookeeper, which was considered a disappointment by some but still made $170 million worldwide. And while it's been easy to describe a lot of his humor so far as "fat man fall down," he seems to be going for a little more depth and actual emotion in Here Comes The Boom, his next film set for release later this year. The film's first trailer has emerged online after premiering at Fandango; you can watch it below:

I know nobody really saw Warrior last year, but still, this plot feels incredibly similar to Warrior, in which a teacher does MMA fights on the side to raise extra cash (OK, in the case of Warrior it was cash for the guy's family, not the school, but still). I have no idea how Salma Hayek keeps getting wrangled into these movies-- she's in Grown Ups and the upcoming Grown Ups 2 as well-- but James at least looks to be once again pulling serious comedic weight, while also looking more muscular and svelte than ever.

What I like about Kevin James, as opposed to Adam Sandler, is that he always seems to be working really hard to charm the audience-- even ins something like Zookeeper, which was basically a lost cause. It's no surprise to see that he's working his ass off in Here Comes The Boom as well, and as much as I expect it to be shallow and obvious at every turn-- it's directed by Zookeeper and Click's Frank Coraci-- I kind of want to like it anyway. Sure, it's no Warrior, but there's a part of me that just can't begrudge Kevin James his success.

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