Trailer For The Loved Ones Goes Psycho At The Prom

A couple years back during SXSW I started hearing some buzz about a horror film called The Loved Ones. Made in Australia back in 2010, the movie chronicled a night in which a psychotic girl and her father kidnap the girl's dream date on prom night. From what I heard about the movie it was twisted, deranged, insane and incredibly screwed up. Now the movie is finally getting sets for its release in the United States and so we have a trailer. From what I can tell, the gossip I heard about the film wasn't wrong.

Check out the preview below, courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

The story follows Lola (Robin McLeavy), a meek young girl who desperately wants Brent (Xavier Samuel) to take her to the prom. Unfortunately, Brent already has plans to go to the dance with another girl, Holly (Victoria Thaine). Made furious by the embarrassing rejection, Lola hatches a plan with her father (John Brumpton) to not only kidnap and torture Brent, but murder Holly. The film was directed by Sean Byrne.

As previously reported, there is a very special way to see The Loved Ones if you want it to come to your town. The distribution is going through a new system called, which users can use to request certain movies to play in their area. If enough RSVPs to the event are logged, then the movie will head to you! For more information about Tugg and The Loved Ones, head over HERE.

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