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The D Train Trailer: Watch Jack Black Crush His High School Reunion

In recent years, Jack Black hasn't been at the front and center of any live-action feature projects, instead choosing to do a bit more voice-over work and TV, but now he's back as the leading man in The D Train, and you can watch the movie's debut trailer below:

Helmed by Yes Man screenwriters Andrew Mogel and Jarred Paul - making their feature directorial debuts - The D Train stars Jack Black as Dan Landsman, a guy who has spent his entire life wanting to be one of the cool kids, but never has. The opportunity to change all of this lands on his lap, however, while he is working on the reunion committee for his high school and discovers that Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), the most popular kid in school, has made his way to Hollywood to become a spokes-model for a sunscreen ad campaign. Dan makes it his personal mission to get Oliver to come back home, but what he doesn't expect is that Oliver begins to take over every aspect of his life.

The D Train premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival and received some mixed responses in the aftermath. Watching this trailer, I can kind of see why. The movie definitely seems to start out with a very rich comedic premise, with the opportunity present to take advantage of Dan's rather extreme desperation to be popular, but this preview paints a picture that the film doesn't know what it wants to be tonally. There are jokes and gags that are meant to inspire laughs, but halfway through the clip there is a rather massive atmosphere change and the movie looks like it starts aiming to be a lot more dramatic. It's entirely possible that this is just something that comes from the way that the trailer is cut together, but it will be interesting to see if the final product winds up having similar issues as well.

It's hard to believe given that Jack Black was at one point starring in big movies like Nacho Libre, Be Kind Rewind, and Tropic Thunder, but this will actually be the first time that the actor has played the lead role in a feature since 2012 - when he starred in Richard Linklater's Bernie. In fact, the only live-action big screen role he’s played in the years since was an uncredited part as a porn producer in last summer’s Sex Tape. Fortunately, it appears that we are soon going to be getting a lot more of Black on the big screen, as he not only has D Train coming soon, but he is also playing author R.L. Stine in Rob Letterman’s Goosebumps - which will be out in the fall.

Are you excited that Jack Black is making his way back into big screen projects? Are you planning on seeing D Train? Well, the opportunity will present itself when the film arrives in theaters on April 10th.

Eric Eisenberg

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