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Denzel Washington's upcoming feature film version of the 80s television series The Equalizer has unfortunately been forced to deal with some rough false starts over the last few months - namely in the department of finding a director. First Drive helmer Nicolas Winding Refn came on to helm, but ultimately couldn't see eye to eye with the Oscar winner. Then Rise of the Planet of the Apes filmmaker Rupert Wyatt was selected as his replacement...but then had to walk away due to scheduling conflicts. You ready for round three?

Deadline has learned that Olympus Has Fallen director Antoine Fuqua is the latest director being talked to about making The Equalizer. What makes the selection interesting is that Fuqua was the last filmmaker to direct Washington to an Academy Award, helming 2001's Training Day. Working from a script written by Richard Wenk, the project is looking to start production in the late spring, meaning that they need to find someone fairly soon if they want to make the date. At this point, Fuqua is only in early talks and hasn't yet signed a deal.

In The Equalizer, Washington will be stepping into the shoes of Edward Woodward's Robert McCall a former intelligence officer who works to help disenfranchised people being stepped on and "equalize" the odds. The specific plot of the movie finds the character working at a Home Depot trying to live a normal life when he finds himself working to help a person who has run into trouble with the Russian mob.