New Tranformers: Dark Of The Moon Poster Features Optimus's Jetpack

Hot on the heels of the movie’s first, full trailer… here’s a brand new poster for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The trailer made it clear that this is basically an alien invasion flick. Think Battle: Los Angeles except set in Chicago and with robots fighting on our side instead of just Aaron Eckhart. Also, unlike Battle: LA this movie actually has an effects budget. That means Michael Bay gets to blow things up, and apparently fold skyscrapers in half.

Here’s the new Dark of the Moon poster:

There’s a lot going on here, but most of it should make sense if you’ve seen the trailer. I’m pretty sure that pile of parts laying at Optimus’s feet is his flying gear. Yeah, Optimus Prime can fly now. That was in the trailer, though it went by so fast you might have missed it. We have screencaps of his high-flying antics here and here.

Just in case you missed the trailer, here it is again, embedded below:

Josh Tyler