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Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer Brings New Footage, Promises Big Action

The Autobots are humanity's sworn protectors against the Decepticon threat, despite the fact that they've continued to get a bum wrap from humanity. Kept in secret until the Battle of Chicago, the existence of Transformers is now public, and intimidating knowledge. Members of our own governments are trying to defeat them at any cost, and if this new trailer for Transformers: Age Of Extinction is any indication, Stanley Tucci's Joshua might be one of the key architects to their demise.

Screen Rant has posted a new International trailer from Transformers: Age of Extinction, which was previously released to the Internet and pulled just as quickly. In both versions, we see Stanley Tucci talking about how scientists have found a "rare metal" with "molecularly unstable" properties. As he picks a piece of the newly discovered material up, he smiles and says, "It's what they're made of." You'll remember that in the previous domestic trailer there's a scene where he tells one of the Autobots (presumably Bumblebee) ,"We don't need you anymore." If that doesn't sound like a kill order, I don't know what does, and if my theory is correct – the human threat to the Transformers is going to be greater than ever. Of course, try issuing a puny human kill order to THIS GUY:

Optimus Prime Transformers: Age Of Extinction Poster

That's right, the international posters are showing that Optimus Prime sees what Mr. Tucci is up to, and he's half past tired of his shit - or that of anyone else who's coming to kill him and his kind. How it took Michael Bay THIS LONG to come up with a Transformers: Age Of Extinction poster THIS bad ass is beyond me, but I don't care at this point. I'm running out to buy that poster, bitch about how the movie doesn't live up to it afterwards, and console myself in the knowledge that Optimus Prime will use his sword of justice to slay the non-believers. And if anyone thinks the Sword of Prime isn't enough to take on the world, he's bringing backup. Prime. Grimlock. Wahlberg. You're all screwed, as far as the marketing is concerned.

Optimus Prime Transformers: Age Of Extinction Poster

Reaching back to the Transformers: Age Of Extinction trailer, the other differences in this newly revise International trailer are that there are more shots of scenes more than likely shot for the Chinese market release of the film. It looks like Stanley Tucci is up to something his partners aren't exactly briefed on. There's also none of the comedy bits with Mark Wahlberg and the usage of the film's newly released Imagine Dragons single Battle Cry has been completely dropped. Naturally, Paramount has done a good job of eliminating the trailer from YouTube, but you can still hear both the song and the wise cracks in this reaction/review video from YouTuber Tyrone Magnus.

Clearly, the marketing department received a subtle note from Michael Bay: less funny, more badass. Considering the shots we have of Optimus Prime yelling out "Charge!" on top of Grimlock, I'd say the notes were received and accepted. We'll see how well the whole package works when Transformers: Age Of Extinction battle cries its way into theaters June 27th.

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