Transformers Script Leaked

There's no doubt about it: Transformers is decidedly the film with the most buzz surrounding it right now. Part of that buzz is due to the massive fanbase the franchise already has. The other part is due to the intense security Paramount is surrounding the film with. Everyone keeps waiting for the next Transformers tidbit to leak out. Well, the leak of all leaks may have finally hit. The posters at movie blog Jalopnik are claiming to have seen the actual script for the Transformers movie, and they’ve posted the first five pages as evidence. Richard at Filmstalker offers us a bit of a transcript:

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Sunlight begins to creep onto the screen, revealing a STRANGE SYMBOL. Like a complex glyph. Slowly, we WIDEN to reveal....

It's one of MANY. Etched into a metallic surface. The symbols can only have come from an ALIEN CIVILIZATION.

We hear a VOICE: powerful, noble. Though we don't know it yet, it's the voice of OPTIMUS PRIME:

OPTIMUS (v.o.)
Our planet was destroyed by the ravage of war... a war waged between the legions who worship chaos, and those of us who follow freedom...

As the light grows, it illuminates an IMMENSE SQUARE MASS CUBE. Covered by the symbols. Hurtling through SPACE...

We battled for rule of a supreme power...The Energon Cube. It's origin is unknown to us, yet it bears the life force that created our race... We fought until our world was awash in death, until the very ground swallowed whole our once-mighty cities... and the cube was lost to the limitless stars..

As fans are already saying, it sounds like a typical opening to a Michael Bay film. In fact, it sounds so typical that I’m skeptical about it being the real deal, especially since Bay has been so vocal about the measures he’s been taking to protect the script. The images Jalopnik have put up look like discarded script pages, which just doesn’t mesh with the security that’s supposed to be surrounding the script. Still, everyone makes mistakes, so why not Paramount?

Look at Jalopnik’s offered script pages to see if you believe they are real.

Thanks to Filmstalker for the lead.