Did you know the Transformers were on social media? That Optimus Prime has a Facebook page, one that actually features one of those incredibly annoying "Look Back" videos? Listen, I’ll be honest. I haven’t made it through 15 seconds of anyone’s personal Facebook recap videos. I’m sure that they are fine. But I barely want to watch my own photograph- video compilations, let alone anyone else’s. Except Optimus. His video is pretty bad-ass.

What I’m hoping is that this is the beginning of a steady stream of upcoming footage for this summer’s release of Transformers: Age of Extinction. There are some newer still included in the end of the montage, a few that have been chosen from the Super Bowl TV spot that ran a few days ago. Check that out below:

And according to a rumor posted in the official Michael Bay forums Shoot for the Edit (no, I’m not kidding), an admin tells Bay’s disciples that a full trailer for Age of Extinction "will be ready in about a month or so."

Even with the shots of all the cool cars and, obviously, Prime on a Dinobot, I think my favorite image from the "Look Back" is this custom-designed Transformers thumbs up.


Expect this to be the beginning of a wave of Facebook movies. Who should go next? Picking from the Autobot options, we cold see "Look Back" movies for Bumblebee, Hound, Crosshairs or Drift. Grimlock is the sweet-ass Dinobot giving Optimus a lift in the below image. And there are a slew of Decepticons who have been confirmed for Bay’s latest sequel, from Lockdown and Stinger to Cyclonus. We’ll scout out the new trailer, and continue to bring you updates on Age of Extinction, which opens in theaters on June 27.


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