Twister 2 Coming With 3D Flying Cows?

Twister doesn’t get enough credit. Or maybe I overrate it since I grew up in a place where spring meant jumping in the bathtub with a mattress over your head while the sirens went off. Still, silly though Bill Paxton’s weather hunting movie is, it’s a lot of fun. Come on, admit it, you still shout “cow!” whenever the wind picks up. Twister made a sweet $241 million domestically back in 1996, but somehow that second installment just never took off. Now, fifteen years later, Hollywood is interested in Twister again.

Bill Paxton tells Premium Hollywood that Twister 2 is being discussed, and throws out the notion of doing it in 3D. And that’s where you should get excited.

3D is Hollywood’s favorite new gimmick and nearly every movie with a budget over $80 million will probably be released in 3D from now on (or at least until we get tired of it), whether the story warrants it or not. But Twister in 3D? Now that’s an idea which needs to happen. It’s the kind of movie where 3D might actually add something to what’s going on, beyond the juvenile fascination with pop-up blue nipples. Imagine 3D used to make it feel like you’re actually inside the tornado, instead of sitting there in a seat watching it as if through a far off window. This is a sequel which needs to happen. We need to see livestock flying past our heads. The technology demands it.

Josh Tyler