Jake Gyllenhaal has become one of the most dependable actors in Hollywood, delivering a solid performance whether he’s caught in a time loop or investigating a serial killer. So what better way to guarantee the quality of a film’s two leads than by casting Gyllenhaal in both of them, as director Denis Villeneuve has done with his upcoming mystery-soaked drama Enemy - which has been winning over festival audiences everywhere. The film finally has a full trailer and it is everything I was hoping for.

Gyllenhaal plays Adam Bell, a ho-hum college professor who watches a movie based on a recommendation, only to find someone in the movie that looks exactly like him. A hunt tells him the man’s name is Anthony Saint Claire, and Adam takes on the role of a clever sleuth in trying to figure out who Anthony is and what his secrets are. Of course, the men’s lives become ever more entangled, and their differing personalities will no doubt lead to some kind of a weird showdown, possibly involving Adam’s girlfriend (Melanie Laurent) or the pregnant woman played by Sarah Gadon. Or maybe there’s a third Gyllenhaal lurking around the corner.

Well, I doubt that last part is true, but I’m certain the story takes a turn that is just as interesting. The trailer, which also brings out Isabella Rossellini as Adam’s mother, piles on the paranoia and confusion, and it soon becomes questionable which of the character’s we’re seeing. Which one of them is Spartacus?

Talking with Yahoo! Movies recently, Villeneuve said he and Gyllenhaal were always together as this film was being made, complementing the day’s shoot with drinks and next-day plans each night. The two also worked together for last year’s kidnapping drama Prisoners, which will probably end up the more talked about film of the two. But my money is on Enemy being the more rewatchable feature.

A24 also released a new poster for the film, which you can see below. I really love that indie films are still taking the time to come up with clever designs for the art, rather than just Photoshopping heads.

enemy poster

Not quite as interesting as the first poster, but the colors remind me of pulp paperbacks, and there’s something quite creepy about the erased faces. If Anthony turns out to be Slenderman, I won’t be disappointed. You can find Enemy and its potentially evil twin in select theaters on March 14th and on VOD February 6th.