Tyrese Gibson Speaks

Tyrese Gibson might be a Mensa level genius. He might be smarter than that woman who was in the magazine claiming to be the smartest woman in the world. Unfortunately, at least in one interview, he sounds like a guy who should feel pretty lucky he’s so damn good looking. Very, very lucky.

Gibson talked to Movie Web and they tossed him a couple of questions about the Transformers sequel and his involvement in a movie version of Luke Cage, the Marvel superhero. Gibson acknowledged that he’s been talking to Marvel about playing Cage. He said “I am hoping to be a part of it. I spoke with Avi Arad a while ago about the project..” Ok, sounds good. Then things got a little tough for Tyrese. The interviewer asked him what ideas he had about the project or what he might like to see his character do. That threw the former model for a loop. “I really can’t speak on it too much,” he said. You can’t speak on what you’d like to see happen? You can’t speak about your own ideas? Get down on your knees and thank God you were born beautiful man.

It gets worse when Gibson speaks about the next awful Transformers movie. He’s asked about his character, Sgt. Epps and says “my character has been upgraded to Master Sergeant Epps. I am the top dog in the air force.” Hmmmm, I thought the Air Force had Generals and Captains and stuff, but maybe not in the movies. So, then, what about some psychological insight on your character. “I am bringing on way more air strikes.” Oh, so you really got into the soul of Master Sergeant Epps, eh Tyrese? Now I see why he didn’t want to speak more about Luke Cage.

Gibson then goes onto to compare the movie with a tsunami that kills thousands of people. Seriously. He seems to realize he’s saying something dumb and then lets it all out anyway. Here’s the full comment in its unfettered glory. “What I love the most? I can purposely say this. I have never done nothing in my life, or been a part of anything in my life, where I feel like ever man, woman, and child in the world is going to see something that I've been in. And it's a lot of pressure. It is something...I don't know. It's just a lot of pressure. It's like someone telling you that, while it might be a messed up comparison, a tsunami is going to hit in seven months. And you can see the tsunami before it comes. How do you prepare for that? That's how I look at Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It is just so big, and just so gargantuan. It is just really amazing. I am glad to be a part of it. Michael Bay is amazing. Spielberg, Shia, Josh, Megan.” I’m not sure what makes me more amazed, the tsunami comparison or him just throwing out first names of other people involved. Top dog in the Air Force has spoken.