Valentine's Day Romance Endless Love Gets A Final Trailer

Universal unveiled the final trailer for its dark-tinged romance Endless Love, giving audiences a better idea what to expect out of the film before it drops on Valentine’s Day.

The clip landed on YouTube. The film stars Alex Pettyfer as a handsome rogue who charms a gorgeous blonde (Gabriella Wilde) into an instant, passionate romance. Stop me if you have heard this one before. She comes from wealth and privilege. He’s from the wrong-ish side of the tracks. The girl’s father (Bruce Greenwood) wants to keep them apart. So the couple runs off, hoping to start a new, emotional life for themselves.

Then, right around the 50-second mark of the above clip, a few twists start to arrive, giving us pause before we fully embrace Pettyfer’s character as a suitable suitor for Ms. Wilde.

Popping this bad boy on Valentine’s Day is a no-brainer. From the executive producers of The Vow, Endless Love should dial into the Nicholas Sparks crowd come Feb. 14. In fact, I’m shocked to learn that this movie isn’t adapted from Sparks’ latest best-selling paperback about perfectly polished lovers with star-crossed secrets to share. Instead, it will be directed by Shane Feste (The Greatest, Country Strong) from a screenplay she co-wrote with Joshua Safran and, apparently, William Shakespeare. Because this, and every other romance of this ilk, is basically just an updated Romeo & Juliet, no?

Or, you know, The Notebook, which works, as well.

Endless Love will compete against a slew of titles looking for a Valentine’s Day bump at the box office. Sony has the About Last Night remake with Kevin Hart, as well as the RoboCop reboot. The Weinstein Company will unleash Vampire Academy for teens, and Warner Bros. has Winter’s Tale. Can Endless Love wiggle in between some of these movies and capture some romantic coin? We’ll find out soon enough.

Endless Love poster

Sean O'Connell
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